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HEIL has made rapid growth in the last 65 years and has emerged as multi-product multi location Company in India. We have been able to catapult ourselves into the frontiers of latest technology in each area of our activities through strategic alliances with world leaders and in-house Research & Development. We are a diversified product company in Rolling Stock, Railway Track Materials, Gas-based chemicals and Jute products.
Our foundry is the largest steel foundry in the private sector in India and has the distinction of being a pioneer of export of Side frames and Bolsters, Axle Boxes and Couplers during 1989-90 to Soviet Union. It is an ISO 9001-2008 accredited foundry approved by RDSO (Ministry of Railways, Government of India) and the first foundry in India to be certified by The Association of American Railroads, Washington, U.S.A both in terms of AAR M-1003 and M-210. The plant is equipped to produce sizes upto 1 in 24 Hadfield Manganese Steel Crossings for Indian & International requirements under US AREMA standards & also manufactures Obtuse, Scissor & Diamond Crossings for conventional as well as metro tracks.
We are presently supplying Bogies, Couplers, Draft Gears, CMS Crossings to Ministry of Railways and are one of the largest producer of Bogies, Side Frames, Bolsters, Couplers, Draft Gears and other components for Rolling Stock. We are licensees of Standard Car Truck Company, U.S.A for Barber design freight Bogies and have been exporting Bogies to South Korea, Australia and North America. We are the first company in India to develop anode yokes for supply to Aluminium Smelters.
A recognized Export House, we have developed export markets around the world. In this era of constant innovation, we have a continuous modernization program for our plants to be abreast with state-of-the-art technology. Our vision encompasses an ongoing search for newer products, opportunities & markets across the globe.

Company History

1. 1947 Points & Crossings plant originally established at Tiljala.
2. 1982 Introduced Switch Expansion Joints for Indian Railways.
3. 1984 Commencement of operation in Foundry at Bamunari.
First company in India to manufacture CMS crossings indigenously.
4. 1988 Wagon plant at Santragachi acquired.
5. 1989 Diversified into manufacture of alloy steel components viz., bogies, couplers, draft gears etc.
6. 1989 Bagged biggest export order for Side Frame, Bolster, Coupler & Axle Boxes from USSR.
Road shows in New York, London, Paris & Tokyo for Global Fund Mobilisation
7. 1990 Received first award for outstanding performance in export.
8. 1991 First Indian company to receive order for Turnouts from Africa.
Commenced wagon production at Santragachi plant.
9. 1992 First Indian company to supply Anode Yoke all over the world. Also, the first Indian company to export Fishing Crawler Shoes to Iceland.
Commencement of exports to USA.
First Indian company to receive order for Turnouts from Malaysian Railway
10. 1994 First Indian Foundry to receive certification from Association of American Rail Roads in terms of AARM1003 & AARM210.

11. 1995 Introduction of Thick Web Switches In Indian Railways.
12. 1996 First Indian Foundry to commence supply of Side Frames, Bolsters and Couplers to North America.
13. 1998 Introduced Low Height Container Flat wagons under World Bank project for Indian Railways.
First Indian company to export Side Frames and Bolsters to Australia & South Korea.
First Indian company to export CMS Crossings to Europe.
First Indian company to manufacture Slackless Drawbars for Low Height Container Flat wagons.
14. 2001 First Indian company to produce Obtuse Crossings.
15. 2004 Commenced wagon production at Tiljala plant.
16. 2007 Introduced upgraded version of switch expansion joints.
17. 2012 First Indian company to get RDSO Approval for alll 4 designs of Improved switch expansion joints.
Technical Tie Up with European company for manufacture of Weldable CMS Crossings.
Diversification to manufacture of EMU coaches.
Diversification to manufacture of Cast Steel Bogie Frame for locomotives.
Developed prototype 25 ton Axle Load Bogie & WD 70 Coupler.


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